We do physicals for school or work, DOT physicals, drug testing on site, all types of vaccinations, stitch removal, INR testing on site, brace fitting, PAP testing, blood draws (please come before 10:30 AM to the Town Center Clinic), strep testing, etc.

If there are any considerations for supplemental oxygen, we can help arrange for that BEFORE you arrive. Some people just don't do well at a high elevation, but find it necessary, or highly desirable, to be here. Breathing in supplemental oxygen can help. We can arrange for the provision of oxygen in your hotel room, for car rides to Yellowstone, and even small packs with intermittent regulators for skiing or hiking. Contact us before arrival by either phone or e-mail.

Although Big Sky is just 50 miles from Bozeman, we do offer these medical services right here where you are staying. There is also a pharmacy in Big Sky, which is open Mon-Fri 10AM to 6PM. However, to accommodate the needs of our patients we can provide medications at the Clinic in the evening and on weekends, so that you can continue your stay here in Big Sky without making extra trips to Bozeman.

Together, the Town Center and Mountain Clinics are provisioned with 2 X-Ray suites and 9 patient care rooms that are each specifically equipped to support the range of medical care that we provide.

The Medical Clinics of Big Sky is a combination of a sports injury, emergency/urgent care center, family practice, and a general urgent care center for lacerations, acute illnesses, and other urgent matters. Both clinics are equipped with complete X-Ray suites and are the only such resources within 50 miles.

Services and Facilities